Fitted Wardrobes- The Need of the Hour

Bedroom is a place where your heart experiences the soothing effect to the most. But, what makes such bedroom so complete, A dressing table, A Television set, An air conditioner and more than that a spacious wardrobes. Having adequate space to store all the necessary things such as clothing, shoes and accessories is of up-most importance these days.

Fitted Wardrobes

But, being the most bulkiest piece of furniture of the house, what’s important is to utilise every square inch space to perfection. This need can be fulfilled by embedding a fitted wardrobes into your bedroom in order to fulfil the desire of creating an optimally designed master bedroom. Gone are the days when wardrobes used to be a two door closet where one could store clothes. Today, Wardrobes are designed and customised by Capital Bedrooms with as many as specifications and creativity to not only fit in the bedroom, but also to ensure that even in lesser space a wardrobes can provide the most of the requirements.

contemporary fitted wardrobes

A Fitted wardrobes is the need of the hour for those who can’t afford to provide a larger space, or who are restricted by the sloped ceiling walls, or for those with alcove rooms. A fitted wardrobe can be customised in every way in order to fit your lifestyle, available space, and your budget. Not only it provides space for clothing, but it can provide you with a shoe-rack, a jewellery organiser and customised draw as per the need.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe

Therefore, a small room can also not look so small, thanks to fitted wardrobes, which can be customised and designed within the limits of availability of space and thereby fulfilling all the needs. With options of sliding doors and a variety of materials you can design your own wardrobe not only for the storage but also to add style to your bedroom.

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